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IT'S OFFICIAL! We Have Been Granted Public Charity status 5013C!

November 2019

GoalFriends Global Foundation, Limited, a non-profit entity, was founded by Darlene Whitehurst in 2018. The Foundation makes charitable distributions to other 501(c)(3) organizations and assists with mission-based activities, mentoring programs, children’s education, and women’s empowerment initiatives.

As an entrepreneur and thought leader, Ms. Darlene Whitehurst has built a culture of helping others achieve more through her passion for goal setting, personal transformation and self-growth, principles of which led to the foundation of GoalFriends in 2009. She strongly believes no one should be held back due to limited access, lack of education or financial resources. The GoalFriends Global Foundation was established as an extension of GoalFriends that works to educate, support, and transform the lives of women in all 196 countries!

GF Global Foundation provides support for women through educational tools and resources to empower others to achieve their own unique greatness and cultivate future female leaders to be contributors in their communities.

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