Our Mission

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GoalFriends Global Foundation, Limited, a non-profit entity, was founded by Darlene Whitehurst in 2018. The Foundation makes charitable distributions to other 501(c)(3) organizations and assists with mission-based activities, mentoring programs, women and children’s education, and women’s empowerment initiatives.


As an entrepreneur and thought leader and throughout her body of work, Ms.Whitehurst has built a culture of helping others achieve more through her passion for goal setting, personal transformation and self-growth principles of which led to the development of GoalFriends in 2009.

Originally intended for small, intimate groups, today the GoalFriends methodology exists as both self-guided and group-based programs, supported by an experienced and talented leadership team delivering thoughtful content through workbooks, webinars, conferences and other educational opportunities supported by both online and offline communities. Because of her strongly held belief that no one should be held back due to limited access, lack of education or financial resources, The GoalFriends Global Foundation was established as an extension of that work to deliver the message to a larger audience.

The Foundation takes each of the proprietary brands of GF Global and makes them available to under-served and marginalized populations around the world at little or no cost to them. Along with providing GoaFriends educational programs, the GF Foundation partners with like-minded causes. In our efforts to "inspire and reach the masses" we partner and support other non-profit initiatives who believe in the impact of a empowering women and equipping girls to grow up healthy, confident, educated, and independent. TOGETHER, we can empower women globally! 

"If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate a nation."

- African Proverb

Our Mission

It’s for everyone. No barriers.


Through trust, transparency, and communications, the Foundation has a broad public reach. This Foundation is a platform for giving of time, talent, and treasures in each of the key areas of the Foundation’s mission. GoalFriends Global Foundation will work through multiple channels to deliver a message of hope, purpose, and plan for achieving dreams.


Our Vision

To inspire, connect, support, and transform women, men, and children throughout the world. 



Mission-based activities: Helping others who are less fortunate by teaching and sharing hope through time, talent, and treasures grounded in the

power of goal setting.


Mentoring programs: Sharing life, career, and business experiences with others that help build confidence and strengthen the individual’s voice.


Children’s education: The teaching of the science of goal setting to children is important too. These programs will promote character building, leadership, and fostering responsibility. These activities further protect and encourage girls worldwide

to keep learning.


Women’s empowerment: Inspiring women globally to connect, engage, and motivate each other, through a member-driven movement called GoalFriends. 

Purposeful conversations. Powerful Connections. Personal Transformation.

Along with our Impact Partners, we aspire to impact others learning and development, especially women and minorities who society is quick to overlook or to ignore. Empowering Women Globally!

We Need Your Support Today!

Email: connect@goalfriends.org

Phone: 919-301-0900

GoalFriends Global Foundation, Limited is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization classified as a public charity.

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