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Our initial focus is on women and children of the world. By teaming with established charitable organizations the Foundation will be able to support the under-served, often forgotten, often over-looked, and at-risk populations.


As the Foundation grows through impact initiatives, grants, corporate sponsorships, partnerships with established 501(c)(3) charitable organizations and direct support; we intend to bring the GoalFriends program and publications to the marginalized to help create meaningful transformation, gain confidence, and independence to use their voice. Every voice matters! 

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GoalFriends 1-for-1 Contributions

Every GoalFriend creates an impact in the lives of the women we serve!

When you invest in yourself through the purchase of a GoalFriend membership, you are also investing and impacting someone in need of life skills or a new beginning. 100% of the proceeds go directly to the GF Global Foundation.



We team with local and international not-for-profits and impact initiatives to make a difference in the future of our women and children. Providing education tools and mentoring through donations, volunteering, and sponsorships.


Deployment of Educational Programs

GoalFriends Global Foundation is bringing GF educational programs and other resources to prison systems and veterans transition programs, human trafficking victims, ministry, a college curriculum, as well as other non-profit community partners. Creating a positive ripple effect in their social, economic, and local communities. We have 36 modules of content developed and ready to deploy for women and children. We would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you and hear your particular need or idea.  

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Project Soar works to empower adolescent girls, providing programs that help girls understand their value, voice, body, rights and path. They provide trained facilitators and "Project Soar in a Box" with the tools needed for a squad of teenage girls to progress through 35 workshops and activities over the course of the school year. 

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Help us change her story!
Untreated trauma creates a barrier that hinders children from thriving in life and trusting Christ. RiverCross produces radio dramas, equips local leaders and broadcasts radio dramas to help vulnerable children heal emotionally and find hope in Jesus.


Touched Romania exists to transform the lives of at-risk babies and their mothers, by offering emotional, physical and educational support.

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More than 6,000 people in Wake County, NC are considered homeless - 4,500 of those are children! Raleigh Rescue Mission focuses on assisting those who are ready to make a commitment to transforming their life, with a long-term purpose and steadfast strategy to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness. 

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we can empower women globally! 

Make a tax deductible donation.

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