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we can impact the world.

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It all starts with you.

Help us create meaningful change in the world.

Empowering women and equipping girls to grow up healthy, confident, educated and independent.

The GF Global Foundation provides educational programs through the GoalFriends workbooks and tools to the under-served and at-risk populations. We also support like-minded impact initiatives through donations and mentorships.

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Ways to Get Involved

  • Give a charitable donation.

  • Be a sponsor.

  • Example: A gift of $100.00 will sponsor 2 women for one year. A monthly gift of $36 provides 12 GoalFriends workbooks over the course of one year to women who are identified through our nonprofits initiatives.


  • Get your company/employer involved! We welcome corporate sponsors. Do you know if your company match charitable dollars? If yes, let us know.


  • We welcome opportunities to team with other non-profits and NGO partners. We’d love to hear about your specific project needs.

  • Would you like to become a GF Global Facilitator?

  • Get certified to go into organizations and establish the GoalFriends program, helping others learn the power of clarity and goal setting. Please email us:     


  • When you invest in your future through the GoalFriends program, you're also creating meaningful change in the world. 100% of the GoalFriends program proceeds go back to the GF Global Foundation.

Every voice matters. 

Make a tax deductible donation.

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