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An Army Veteran’s Tells About Her Fresh Start

May 2019

A year ago, I took a chance and opened another chapter of my life because I wanted a change. A recent Army retiree after 20 years it was all that I knew. However, I bought a brand-new townhouse and moved to Raleigh, N.C., then started school at Wake Technical Community College, majoring in Human Resources for Substance Abuse. It was later on that fall semester that I was introduced to GoalFriends.

GoalFriends has been a tremendous asset to my transition from the military back to civilian life. These ladies have been my support and even better, my friends. I typically go by Cathryn, but the closer to my heart and the more comfortable that I feel, I’ll have you call me Dawn which is my middle name. That’s what my GoalFriends call me. We all seem to complement each other and help each other see things from different perspectives. I can never stress the importance of when women come together and check their attitudes at the door - allowing something new to flow in. I am forever grateful for GoalFriends and for my new friends.

Written by, Cathryn Williams, Army Veteran – GoalFriend since January 2019

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