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Empowering Women

to create future leaders in our communities

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Our   mission

is to provide undeserved women and children the  opportunity to rise to their potential through educational tools, mentoring resources, outreach programs, experiential efforts, and through our Impact Initiatives.



Women are the most vulnerable and marginalized group on the planet.

Inequality of life for women and girls is long-standing. The reasons vary from one country or household to the next. Cycles of poverty, early forced marriage, domestic violence, denied education, human trafficking, pay discrimination, racial inequality, and the list goes on.


Our goal is to empower women and equip girls to grow up healthy, confident, educated

and independent.

The GoalFriends Global Foundation works to educate, support, and transform the lives of women and girls in all 196 countries. We provide education programs through GoalFriends workbooks and tools. We support through donations, as well as mentoring initiatives. 

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GoalFriends 1-for-1 Contributions

Every GoalFriend creates an impact in the lives of the women we serve!

When you invest in yourself through the purchase of a GoalFriend membership, you are also investing and impacting someone in need of life skills or a new beginning. 100% of the proceeds go directly to the GF Global Foundation.



We team with local and international not-for-profits and impact initiatives to make a difference in the future of our women and children. Providing education tools and mentoring through donations, volunteering, and sponsorships.


Deployment of Educational Programs

GoalFriends Global Foundation is bringing GF educational programs and other resources to prison systems and veterans transition programs, human trafficking victims, ministry, a college curriculum, as well as other non-profit community partners. Creating a positive ripple effect in their social, economic, and local communities. We have 36 modules of content developed and ready to deploy for women and children. We would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you and hear your particular need or idea.  

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